Make gelatin with the Thermomix

Make gelatin with the Thermomix

Numerous are the desserts that you can prepare for your children to enjoy that food. However, now we are going to help you develop one that will fascinate you and that it will not cost you anything to prepare it. In particular, next, we will indicate how to make gelatin with the Thermomix.

Keep reading and you will see that it is a simple proposal and a great taste.

The ingredients for making gelatin with the Thermomix

Make gelatin with the Thermomix

Make gelatin with the Thermomix

In order to prepare this dessert, what you need is to proceed to buy the following products:

500 grams of water.
1 envelope of gelatin powder flavor that you like the most.

Make gelatin with the Thermomix step by step

Once you have managed to gather the mentioned foods, it is time to follow these steps:

The first thing is to proceed to put a total of 250 grams of water in the robot cup. Then it will have to be programmed
4 minutes / Speed ​​2 / Temperature Varoma.

Then the powder jelly envelope must be poured. And the Thermomix will be programmed
1 minute / Speed ​​2.

Next, the rest of the water will be added to the glass and the robot will be programmed again
20 seconds / Speed ​​2.

The next step will be to proceed to choose a series of molds. In these, the resulting mixture will be poured into the robot vessel.

Finally, what will be left is to let them cool in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.

After that time, the gelatin will be ready to drink whenever you want. Do you dare to prepare it?

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