Tomato jam raf with thermomix

Tomato jam raf with thermomix

If you are one of those who have a garden and plants tomatoes, there comes a time when we do not have enough to eat salads, Making fried tomato and keeping it is a good solution.

Another is to make a tomato jam, today we bring you a fantastic recipe with raf tomatoes, although it is worth any type of ripe tomato.

Ingredients to make raf tomato jam with thermomix

Tomato jam raf with thermomix

Tomato jam raf with thermomix

750 grams ripe tomato
200 grams white sugar
200 grams of brown sugar
1 squirt lemon juice

Prepare raf tomato jam with thermomix. Step by Step:

We put ripe raf tomatoes in our thermomix glass and we eat them
10 seconds / speed 6

With the spatula we lower the pieces stuck to the sides. We incorporate the essence of vanilla, lemon juice and white and brown sugar and program
45 minutes / 90ºC / speed 4

We put the basket in place of the cup. Once finished we store in glass jars and vacuum packed if we want to keep it.

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