Quesada Pasiega with Thermomix

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Quesada Pasiega with Thermomix

Say quesada is Cantabria, one of the typical dishes of Cantabria is quesada and especially in the Pasiega area within the region, beautiful area certainly if you still do not know.

Ingredients to make Quesada Pasiega with Thermomix

Quesada Pasiega with Thermomix

Quesada Pasiega with Thermomix

250 grams of cheese from burgos
½ Liter of Milk
2 Egg Units
270 Grams of Sugar
1 piece of lemon zest
1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
150 grams of confectionery flour
100 grams of butter

How to make Quesada Pasiega with Thermomix

The first thing to do is crush the cheese, so we put it in the glass of our thermomix and program
10 seconds / speed 5

Once the cheese has been crushed, we add the milk, the cinnamon, the sugar, the lemon grating and the eggs and mix all the ingredients                                                                              1 minute / speed 6

Now we are going to put to our mixture the butter that previously we will have melted and we program again
15 seconds / speed 4

To finish we mix the flour and mix once more
20 seconds / speed 7

We have already mixed all our ingredients of the Quesada Pasiega it is time to preheat our oven to 180º.

Now we will put our mixture in a mold spread with butter so that the dough does not stick and we are going to bake 1 hour our Quesada Pasiega until the dough is firm.

Once it is finished let it take room temperature, although when it is warm it is when you know best, then keep it in the fridge.

You will tell us how, but we are sure that you will love it.

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