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Beef meatballs in Spanish sauce with thermomix

Beef meatballs in Spanish sauce with thermomix

We bring you a meatloaf red meat and deep flavor for 4 people, bathed in Spanish sauce

Ingredients Beef meatballs in Spanish sauce with thermomix

– 2 slices of bread without borders
– 120 grams of milk
– 1 onion shallot in pieces
– 2 garlic
– 5 leaves of fresh parsley
– 500 grs of minced red meat
– 2 egg
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

Ingredients Spanish sauce:

-150 gr. onion
-2 cloves garlic
-30 gr. oil
-1 cta flour dessert
-65 gr. fried tomato
-100 gr. White wine
-320 gr. Water
-1 cta Concentrated meat Brovil or 1/2 pill meat broth

Preparation Beef meatballs in Spanish sauce with thermomix

We put in a bowl the bread and milk and wet the bread well and reserve.

We put onion, garlic and parsley leaves in our thermomix glass
We chop 8 seconds / speed 4.
with the spatula we lower the remains stuck

Add to the glass of thermomix the bread that we had reserved by squeezing it a bit, the red minced meat, the eggs, the salt, the pepper and mix
1 minute / reverse turn / speed 3

Remove and form meatballs with your hands. Spread the varoma tray with oil and add the meatballs.

Cover the varoma and reserve.

Spanish sauce preparation

Put the onion and garlic in the glass and chop,
2 sec. vel.5.

Lower debris with the spatula and add the oil and pochamos
10 minutes. Varoma vel. spoon, without beaker.

We put the Flour, tomato and white wine
5 min Varoma, vel.1., Without beaker, to favor the evaporation of alcohol

Next, water, concentrate meat, salt and nutmeg and place the varoma with the meatballs in position
20 min. Varoma, vel.2.

We remove the varoma and put the meatballs in a dish

we crush the contents of the glass
10 sec., Vel. 10

Dump the sauce on the meatballs.

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