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Risotto with cava and thermomix

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There are plenty of ways and delicious recipes to make risotto. Delighting the palate of the most demanding with this delicious dish of Italian origin will no longer be a problem. This recipe includes rice

In this opportunity we will give you a Spanish touch by showing you how to prepare an exquisite and delicate Risotto with thermomix.

Risotto with cava and thermomix

Risotto with cava and thermomix

Cava, thanks to its variety, goes well with a wide range of dishes. It is very versatile, its balanced acidity and the presence of carbon dioxide gas are responsible for the good association of cava with many foods and is the perfect combination for this risotto.

Serve immediately on individual plates, sprinkle a little more cheese or if you prefer decorate with a little chopped chives or some parsley sprigs to give a little color to the plate. Have a good appetite! Until the next recipe!


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