Cheese pate in the Thermomix

Cheese pate in the Thermomix

There are many entrees that you can prepare at home to surprise your guests.

So, we have already made you known, for example, hummus or avocado sauce. Well, today we are going to show you another that is also easy to prepare and very rich.

In particular, we will teach you how to make the cheese pate in the Thermomix.

Do you dare to discover the recipe?

Ingredients Cheese paté in the Thermomix

To be able to prepare the appetizer that occupies us must gather in the kitchen the following products that we indicate you:
150 grams of cottage cheese.
10 grams of olive oil.
150 grams of the cheese that you like.
10 leaves of mint.

Elaboration Cheese paté in the Thermomix step by step

The preparation process is really simple and fast as you can check following these steps that we expose you below:

Thoroughly wash all the mint leaves.

Pour all the ingredients into the cup of the food processor.
Program the Thermomix at speed 5 for about 10 seconds, approximately.

In this really simple way you can have an exquisite appetizer ready that will delight your guests.

This we can establish that it is the most “minimalist” modality. However, you can also proceed, for example, to add nuts or several different types of cheese.

However, that is already to everyone’s taste.

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