Paninis with thermomix

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Today we feel like preparing this variety of sandwich of Italian origin known worldwide.

The only thing you have to have in your pantry to make a really Italian Panini is a fierce appetite and a small roll or piece of bread, usually a ciabatta or a rosette, but the truth is that with any kind of bread it looks great.

Paninis with thermomix

Paninis with thermomix

A panini can be filled with anything from the simplest, like a good cheese, to the preparation of a very sophisticated meat dish.

But today we will show you how to prepare a really delicious option that few can refuse to taste, homemade tomato and bacon panini with thermomix. One will not be enough.

I assure you that the ingredients we will show you here are easily available in your pantry or refrigerator

I invite you to tell us about your experience with this preparation. Until the next recipe and enjoy!

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