New York Cheesecake in glasses with thermomix

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New York Cheesecake in glasses with thermomix

We love this dessert both in cake and in glasses like these and we are sure that you will love them, some New York style cheesecakes.

Ingredients to make New York Cheesecake in glasses with thermomix

New York Cheesecake in glasses with thermomix

New York Cheesecake in glasses with thermomix

For the cookie base:
100 gr. of digestive type cookies
60 gr. of butter
20 gr. of brown sugar

For cheese filling:
400 gr. of cream cheese
75 gr. of cream 35% M.G.
100 gr. of sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon of salt
400 gr. of water to put in the glass For coverage: raspberry jam, blueberries or red berries

How to make Cheesecake New York in glasses with thermomix

Preparing the Cookie Base

We put the biscuits, the butter and the brown sugar in the glass of our thermomix, we program
10 seconds / speed 7.

Fill the glasses with a spoon the mixture of the biscuit and press with your fingers to make it well compact, we reserve.

Preparation of cheese filling

We put in our thermomix glass, the cheese, the cream, the sugar, the vanilla, the salt and the eggs.
1 minute / speed 4.

Fill the glasses where we had put the cookies and fill them with cheese we left a little unfilled to decorate with jam.

We cover the containers, either with the covers or with transparent film, and place them in the Varoma container.

We wash the glass of thermomix well and add the water and put the varoma, we program
22 minutes / temperature varoma / speed 1

Let cool before adding the jam We introduce the cheesecake cups in the fridge a few hours and ready to eat.

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