thermomix tricks

Tricks for the glass of the Thermomix

Tricks for the glass of the Thermomix

how to clean the glass of thermomix

add half a liter of water and a few drops of dishwasher, program 30 seconds at speed 10 and rinse if there are debris in the bottom of the glass, we can add water to cover the blades, a drop of detergent and let it stand for 15 minutes

disassemble the glass and finish cleaning with a brush or scrubber

How to dry the glass of your thermomix
we program 15 seconds at maximum speed with our empty glass, the few drops that could remain in the bottom will go against the walls and we will be able to dry it with a cloth

How to take off a mass of blades

turn the glass over and turn the blades from one side to the other until the mass falls

How to cool the glass of the thermomix quickly

In some recipe you need to have the glass very cold so that the result is good, we will crush ice cubes and let them rest for a while, then we remove the ice and dry and we have the super cold glass to do what we need, as for example ride cream 😉

How to clean the odors from the glass of the thermomix

To clean them, we will put a liter of warm water in our glass of thermomix, the juice of half lemon or a stream of vinegar and we program 40 seconds speed 8

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