Cold capuccino with Baileys

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Cold capuccino with Baileys

In summer we all want refreshing drinks and today we bring you this one. They also say that cold coffee quenches thirst, so pay attention to the recipe of the cold Capuccino with Baileys®, because although in the notes I leave the recipe without alcohol, the truth is that with Whiskey cream

Ingredients of Cold capuccino with Baileys

300 grams of whole milk (to make more foam)
100 ml of purchased or home Baileys®
½ cup of normal or decaffeinated soluble coffee or use 100 ml of cold coffee.
100 grams sugar or saccharin or to taste
8-10 gas station ice or a tray of homemade ice cubes
Valor® cocoa powder (optional) to sprinkle over the drink

Steps to follow : Cold capuccino with Baileys

Put all the ingredients in the glass of the Thermomix and program 3 minutes in speed 4.

Put a cloth on the cup so that it does not splash with the force of breaking the ice.

Serve in beautiful glasses, sprinkle cocoa on top and consume immediately.

– This recipe you can do the same without Baileys and coffee, using only milk, soluble coffee, sugar and ice, it is simpler but it is also very good.

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