How to mount the cream with the Thermomix – Trick

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How to mount the cream with the Thermomix – Trick

More and more people are encouraging themselves to buy a food processor. Yes, because, besides being able to afford it economically speaking, they realize that this device can greatly facilitate the performance of many tasks when preparing food.

Good sample of that is have at hand to use tricks like the one that we present to you next. Which one? Assemble the cream with the Thermomix.

If you often like to make sweets and various desserts, read on. Knowing this advice will be of great help.

Previous considerations

How to mount the cream with the Thermomix - Trick

How to mount the cream with the Thermomix – Trick

In order to be able to assemble the cream easily and without difficulty in this robot it is necessary to take into consideration several previous aspects:

The cream should be very cold to favor the assembly. Therefore, do not hesitate to put it a few minutes before in the freezer.

It is essential that the cream to be used has at least 35.1% fat content.

How to mount the cream with the Thermomix

Once you have met the two essential prerequisites, it is time to put your apron and proceed to assemble the cream with your kitchen robot.

For that, you must follow these steps that will allow you to carry out that task with up to a liter of that product:

Start by putting the butterfly on the blades of the glass.

Pour the cream into the aforementioned container, checking that nothing is left inside the container.

Then, without setting time of any kind, proceed to program the Thermomix
Speed ​​of 3.5.

It is important that you stay alert so that you do not pass, that is, so that you do not leave more time than necessary and the cream ends up becoming butter.


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