Perrins sauce or Worcestershire

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Perrins sauce or Worcestershire

Always when I was little at home there was a pot of black sauce with an orange label in the fridge, which I never took much notice of, but a typical one seen there in the fridge door

It was not until a few years later that I discovered that it was a sauce to accompany the meat mainly and that sauce is a classic of the kitchens

that sauce was called Worcestershire sauce, also known as the most common brand that is perrins or simply English sauce for others

Perrins or Worcestershire sauce ingredients

1 tip of fresh peeled ginger
1½ teaspoon (dessert size) mustard seed
1 level teaspoon (dessert size) ground cinnamon
1 level teaspoon (dessert size) curry powder
1 teaspoon rasa (coffee size) of pink pepper
1 level teaspoon (coffee size) of black pepper
1 level teaspoon (brown size) of cardamom
1 level teaspoon (brown size) of cloves
½ onion
1 clove garlic
1 anchovy
65 g of tamari
250 g of white wine vinegar
65 g of molasses or syrup (Lyle’s Golden Syrup)

Preparation of perrins sauce or Worcestershire

We put in our thermomix glass ginger, mustard, cinnamon, curry, black pepper and rose, cardamom and cloves
We crush for 30 seconds, speed 10.

chop the onion, garlic and anchovy
for 2 seconds, speed 5.

We make in our thermomix now the liquids, the tamari sauce, the vinegar and the molasses.
Cook for 10 minutes, varoma temperature, speed 2, (without beaker to evaporate).
Then we programmed 25 minutes, 100º, speed 2, without beaker.

When finished, place the cup and grind for 1 minute, speed 8.

We strain with a sieve and reserve in a container with a lid.

Let mature in a dark place for at least 2 weeks shaking it from time to time.


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