Ham and cheese bites with Thermomix

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Ham and cheese bites with Thermomix

Ideal to prepare a snack for the guests, to accompany a second course or for the dinner of the little ones that they will surely love .. and the best thing is that they are very easy to make

INGREDIENTS for Ham and Cheese Snacks with Thermomix:

250 g of Gouda cheese (250 g of grated cheese to the 4 cheeses)
250 g of ham
2 eggs
bread crumbs
olive oil

PREPARATION for Ham and Cheese Snacks with Thermomix:

The first thing we are going to do is chop the ham, for that we put the 250 gr of ham in our thermomix glass and we give it 7 seconds at speed 4, put it on a plate and reserve it for later.

Then we will grate the 250 g of gouda cheese or our selection of cheeses (it is very good also with mozarella), so we put it in the glass of our thermomix and put it 30 seconds at speed 3-5-7, and we reserve on a plate

Put the ham and grated cheese on the plate of our thermomix and mix it, 10 seconds speed 3 until you get a well homogenous mass

With the dough we form some balls and we pass them through flour, egg and bread crumbs in that order

We put in a pan with plenty of oil and what is hot on the fire, when our snacks of Jamon and cheese with Thermomix are browned, we take it out and put it on an absorbent paper to remove the excess oil, and in a few minutes they are ready to eat

They are ideal for chopping, or accompaniment for a second dish.

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