Sabayón with thermomix

Sabayón with thermomix

In this recipe we will show you the easiest and safest way to prepare a perfect and great Sabayón with thermomix.

Why do I say perfect? because with the thermomix you can control the temperature allowing the cooking to be ideal and the mixture without a doubt is creamy as it should be.

Sabayón with thermomix

Sabayón with thermomix

This original dessert from Italy, especially from Sicily, has as its main ingredient sweet wine, for Italians the ideal is sweet Marsala, but it looks great with Jerez wine, even with any other sweet liquor, it does not necessarily wine.

So don’t wait any longer and prepare this exquisite Sabayón with thermomix

This drink or cream is ideal to accompany it with a snack like strong cheeses.

Another fact: This cream can be served hot or cold and we can make it with the liquor that we like the most.

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