Orange juice with thermomix – Orange

Orange juice with thermomix – Orange

Some time ago, although I was already cooking with thermomix, I kept making juices with the juicer, but following a recipe for lemon juice that I was advised and I thought it was fantastic, I tried the thermomix and since then I saved the juicer in addition to the whole family we drink juice from orange for breakfast, in addition to a source of vitamins, helps not catch constipated in winter, so I make a liter in the morning and as they get to breakfast I take it out
Because the fact that you lose vitamins within a few minutes is a hoax, according to nutritionists keep all the properties up to 12 hours after squeezing, so you can store it in the fridge.This juice has a little lemon that improves the juice so without more I leave the recipe
Orange juice with thermomix - Orange

Orange juice with thermomix – Orange

Orange juice with thermomix - Orange

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Orange juice with thermomix - Orange


5 minutos

  • 800 ml of water
  • 5 peeled oranges
  • ¼ peeled lemon
  • Sweetener or sugar to taste
  • 5 ice cubes


5 minutos
Ready in
5 minutos
  1. To start we peel the oranges and the lemon, it is important to take the blaca part from both well, if not bitter
  2. Then we put the oranges and the 1/4 of lemon in pieces in the glass of the thermomix and program 45 seconds / speed 5
  3. As soon as we finish we program 1 minute / speed 10 again
  4. Add the water and mix 15 seconds / speed 4
  5. We put all the content in a jar, add the ice and we can take our orange juice in the fridge, keep what is left over, for 12 hours it will keep all the vitamins and properties

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