Orange juice with thermomix – Orange

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Orange juice with thermomix – Orange

Some time ago, although I was already cooking with thermomix, I kept making juices with the juicer, but following a recipe for lemon juice that I was advised and I thought it was fantastic, I tried the thermomix and since then I saved the juicer in addition to the whole family we drink juice from orange for breakfast, in addition to a source of vitamins, helps not catch constipated in winter, so I make a liter in the morning and as they get to breakfast I take it out
Because the fact that you lose vitamins within a few minutes is a hoax, according to nutritionists keep all the properties up to 12 hours after squeezing, so you can store it in the fridge.This juice has a little lemon that improves the juice so without more I leave the recipe
Orange juice with thermomix - Orange

Orange juice with thermomix – Orange

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