Nougat cream with thermomix

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Nougat cream with thermomix
The Christmas season gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves in the kitchen and each year we present our guests with rich and varied preparations.

Although, the beauty of Christmas is the tradition and within it the traditional flavors, we can also play a little with the flavors and present them in a different way.

This is the case of the recipe that we will show in this post, a nougat cream with thermomix, a delicate and different way to present that mixture of sweet and almonds that we all like as nougat.

Nougat cream with thermomix

Nougat cream with thermomix

Nougat cream with thermomixTurron soup with thermomix It is an ideal dessert for any occasion, especially for Christmas or New Year dinners. and that will help us to finish with the remains of nougat that are left over

Put this preparation into practice, you’re sure to love it.

Ingredient to make nougat cream with thermomix

250 grams of soft nougat
600 grams of milk or cream to assemble 33%
2 tablespoons cornstarch or fine corn flour
Crocanti or some sliced ​​almonds toasted to decorate (optional)

Transparent film paper
Low glasses of wine or glasses for shots

Elaboration of nougat cream with thermomix

Place the nougat cut into pieces in the Thermomix glass to crumble, set.
10 seconds / Speed ​​5

Then, add the milk or cream to assemble together with the cornstarch, to dilute the nougat and mix the ingredients, program.
30 seconds / Speed ​​4

Carefully place the butterfly on the blades of the thermomix cup, program.
10 minutes / Temperature 100 ° / Speed ​​2

Once the cooking minutes have passed, pour the mixture into the glasses where it will be presented. Filling ¾ parts of the glass.

You can pass the mixture through a strainer or sieve if you want a much finer cream. Then, each glass cover with plastic wrap, to prevent a layer from forming on the surface of the cream and changing the appearance of the cream.

Refrigerate for a few minutes before serving so that the cream is cold. And to finish presenting this divine and delicate nougat cream, place on the surface a bit of crocanti or toasted sliced ​​almonds.

This cream is really delicious, very suitable for the most exquisite palates for its incredible and silky texture.

Enjoy your meal! I hope you enjoyed the preparation and the flavor of this delicate and exquisite dessert. Do not forget to leave your comments and until the next recipe!


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