Nougat cream with thermomix

Nougat cream with thermomix

The Christmas season gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves in the kitchen and that each year we present our Rich guests and varied preparations.

Nougat cream with thermomix

Nougat cream with thermomix

Although, the beauty of Christmas is tradition and within it the traditional flavors, we can also play A little with the flavors and present them differently.

It is the case of the recipe that we will show in this post, a nougat cream with thermomix, a delicate and different way to present that mixture of sweet and almonds that we all like the nougat.

It is an ideal dessert for any occasion, especially for Christmas or New Year’s dinners. and that will help us finish with the remains of nougat left over.

Put this preparation into practice, you will surely love it.

This cream is really delicious, very suitable for the most exquisite palates for its incredible and silky texture.

Enjoy your meal!

I hope you enjoyed the preparation and taste of this delicate and exquisite dessert. Do not forget to leave your comments and see you next recipe!

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