Merengada Milk with Thermomix

Merengada Milk with Thermomix

Mojito, lemonade or coffee granita are some of the refreshing drinks and ideal for the summer that we have been making known. Yes, we have taught you to prepare them simply and quickly.

And now let’s do the same with another great alternative to relieve the heat. In particular, we will tell you how to undertake the preparation of merengada milk with the Thermomix.

Do you dare to discover your recipe? Keep reading. Below, we inform you about all the keys in this regard:

Ingredients of merengada milk with Thermomix

Merengada Milk with Thermomix

Merengada Milk with Thermomix

The products that you need to have at home to get this drink that occupies us for about four people are the following:

The peel of a lemon.
1 egg white
Between 200 and 250 grams of sugar.
80 – 90 grams milk powder.
Cinnamon (optional)
About 600 grams of ice, in cubes.
200 grams of evaporated milk.

Merengada milk in the Thermomix step by step

Put on your apron. After buying all these products, it is time to start preparing the meringue milk. For that, we must follow these steps that we indicate:

You have to start by adding the sugar in the robot’s cup and program it
15 seconds / Progressive speed 5-7-9.

Then the lemon peel will be added and it will be reprogrammed in the same way.

Then, the other ingredients mentioned will be added to the sugar and lemon. In this case, the Thermomix will have to be set at the same speed, but for a time of one minute.

And that’s it. The merengada milk will be ready. It will only remain, when it is going to be served and in a decorative way, add a cinnamon stick or sprinkle over the drink a little bit of the same powder if desired. If you do not like it, you can suppress this last action.

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