Sardines with salt in the Thermomix

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Sardines with salt in the Thermomix

At home you like fish a lot, but you are tired of always taking it the same way. For this reason, now you may be interested in knowing the recipe that we are going to present to you. This recipe has sardines

Sardines with salt in the Thermomix

Sardines with salt in the Thermomix

Specifically, we will teach you how to prepare sardines with salt in the

It is a simple recipe that will allow you to taste that variety of fish in a way
that is not only healthy but tasty. Take note:

In this simple way you can have your sardines prepared in salt in a simple and
exquisite way. One recommendation is that you bet on placing next to those in
the Varoma some lemon slices, because they will give it a special “touch”.


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