Lemon sorbet with champagne

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Lemon sorbet with champagne

Ingredients Lemon sorbet with champagne

300 g of ice (if you do not have it, do it as it is rich)
500 g of lemon ice cream
500 g of champagne

Steps to follow : Lemon sorbet with champagne

Put all the ingredients in the glass in the following order: the ice cubes, the cava, the lemon ice cream. Program
30 seconds in progressive speed 5-8.

If there is any piece of ice left, it will be a few seconds longer.
Decorate the glasses and serve. You can moisten the edge of the cups in water and pass them through sugar. Put a slice of lemon and serve with a straw.


You can add a splash of vodka to your sorbet to enhance flavors.
If you do not have ice you can do the same … make it at the moment because the minutes without the ice will separate into phases in less time.

With these amounts you will have 6 glasses.

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