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tricks for thermomix with garlic

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obviously for a single garlic it is not worth it, So that we will do it for a few garlic at a time.

how to peel garlic easily with thermomix This recipe calls for garlic

tricks for thermomix with garlic-how to peel garlic with thermomix

tricks for thermomix with garlic

We take the garlic that we want to peel and we frangment them into cloves and put them in the Thermomix glass.

We add a liter of water and place the empty basket on top.

We program 5-6 sec / turn to the left / speed 4.

We let it rest for a few minutes, the skins float and the garlic remains at the bottom of the glass.

Drain them, dry them with absorbent paper and ready to use in our stew, in a good Aioli sauce or just store them in an airtight jar in the fridge


confit garlic with thermomix

tricks for thermomix with garlic-confit garlic with thermomix

tricks with garlic

Put 200 ml of olive oil in the glass and set 5 min / 90ºC / speed 2.

Add 150 g of peeled garlic and set 20 min / 90ºC / speed 1.

Be careful not to burn yourself, we put the garlic in a glass jar and we pour the oil to the brim so that they are well covered.


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