Recetas con banana - Thermomix

Recetas para thermomix hechas con "banana"

aqui os dejamos algunas de las mejores recetas para gente que le guste "banana". esperamos que os gusten y poco a poco iremos subiendo mas recetas con este ingrediente, asi que visitanos asiduamente para disfrutarlo



White detox juice with thermomix


This is a juice packed with antioxidants, and low in calories This detox juice helps people with fluid retention, in addition to improving digestion and…


Macedonia with thermomix


Macedonia with thermomix For any time, whether summer or winter, some seasonal fruit falls very well, this time we will make Macedonia with thermomix, a…


Banana yogurt with thermomix


Banana yogurt with thermomix We have made several yogurts today we go with one of banana, fruit yogurts are very similar in its preparation it…

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