Peanut butter with Thermomix

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Peanut butter with Thermomix

There are dishes and proposals that have enormous versatility, as far as they can be taken as a snack, an appetizer and even to accompany meat or fish. This recipe has peanut

Peanut butter with Thermomix

Peanut butter with Thermomix

I had always seen peanut butter in the American series many years ago, but here
it was not used in snacks and it did not exist a few years ago, I started seeing
it on the shelves of some large supermarket or in specialized American food
stores and I tried it … And I like

And precisely one of those is the one that we are going to present to you now.
Specifically, if you continue reading you can learn to prepare peanut butter
with the Thermomix.

It is a very popular cream in the United States and in certain corners of Asia.
Do you dare to elaborate it?

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