klopsiki z cukinii z Thermomixem

klopsiki z cukinii z Thermomixem

Now that Christmas is coming to an end, czas zacząć wracać do normalności. Ale nie tylko to, it is also the moment to proceed to lose those extra kilos that we have achieved with so many family lunches and dinners or among friends.

Właśnie z tego powodu, we must start to follow a healthier and more balanced diet, in which the recipe for zucchini meatballs with the Thermomix can play an essential role that we will present below. It is an easy dish to prepare and it has an exquisite flavor.

The ingredients for zucchini meatballs

To prepare about 12 meatballs, you need to have the following products in your kitchen:
50 gramy cebuli
8 gramy oliwy z oliwek.
1 jajko.
300 gramy cukinii.
1 czosnek.
30 grams of breadcrumbs
10 gramy startego sera
Sól, pepper and oregano to taste.

Zucchini meatballs with the Thermomix step by step

Gdy zbierzesz wszystkie te składniki w kuchni, it is time to proceed to prepare this recipe following the steps we expose you:

Wash and peel the zucchini and cut them into pieces. Add them to the robot glass and program this at speed 5 na około 5 sekundy. Those will be reserved.

Z drugiej strony, peel the onion and garlic and proceed to pour them into the glass to program at speed 5 na około 3 sekundy.

The oil is then added and reprogrammed at speed 1 i temperatura waromy przez około 10-12 minuty, w przybliżeniu.

The next step is to add the zucchini to the vegetables to program the robot at speed 1 i temperatura 100º przez ok 10 minuty.

The Thermomix will be left to rest a little and when it has lowered to an approximate temperature of 80º, both the egg and the cheese and the breadcrumbs will be added.

A zatem, everything together, to which oregano, salt and pepper will be added, will be programmed at speed 3 turn to the left for about 10 sekundy.

And what will remain will be to give the dough ball shape and go placing them on a baking tray to introduce this in the aforementioned oven, once preheated, and keep them that way for about 20 minuty.

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