Ciasto waflowe z Thermomixem

Ciasto waflowe z Thermomixem

If you like to bake and want to surprise your guests, we will teach you how to make the waffle dough with the Thermomix.

It is, as you know, to prepare a dessert that has Belgian origin and is made, in part, with a small appliance that responds to the name of wafer.

Do you dare to carry it out? Czytaj dalej.

The ingredients for Waffle batter with the Thermomix

In order to make about ten waffles, w kuchni należy zebrać następujące produkty:

1 otoczka drożdży.
4 jajka
2 small spoons of liquid vanilla.
50 gramy zimnego mleka
400 gramy mąki.
Trochę soli
60 gramy miodu
150 gramy cukru.
150 gramy masła.

Waffle batter with the Thermomix step by step

When you have all those ingredients ready, put on your apron and start following these instructions:

Add all the ingredients in the robot cup and program this at speed 5 na około 40 sekundy.

Then pour the mixture in a bowl and let it rest for half an hour.
Oczywiście, it is interesting to put a transparent film on the bowl to help make the process much better.

Następnie, preheat the grofera, which you must have previously smeared with some butter.

Then pour small amounts of dough to make the waffles.

Then on them you can pour candy, chocolate or cream, whatever you like.

In this way you will have managed to make a delicious dessert that will delight each and every one of the guests you have at home.

Are you going to encourage him to prepare it?

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