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Thermomix TM6 – Przybył nowy thermomix

Thermomix TM6 – Przybył nowy thermomix

The new Thermomix TM6 is a true culinary revolution
thanks to new modes such as high temperature cooking, vacuum cooking, slow cooking and fermentation.

thermomix tm6

thermomix tm6

From next Monday, Marsz 12, it seems that you can already reserve it. THERMOMIX TM6THERMOMIX TM6 With access to Cookidoo from the Thermomix screen you will have access to 40,000 przepisy kulinarne

Characteristics Thermomix TM6
6.8 inch screen.
2.2 liter beaker
Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth
Cooked on screen
Rest of 1g in 1 sol.
Additional modes cleaning, slow cooking, vacuum, fermentation, mixing


Motor 500W of power
Gradual rotation speed of the blades from 100 do 10 700 rpm (cooking speed at low heat 40 rpm)
Safety device: automatic switch in case of motor overload.
Power consumption of 1000 W.
Protection in case of overheating
high quality plastic

Thermomix tumbler
Stainless steel with built-in heating system and temperature sensor.
Maximum capacity of 2.2 liters.
The processor:
Quad core processor
16 GB of Flash
Dimensions and weight (without the varoma):
Height: 33.5 cm.
Width: 33.3 cm
Depth: 32.6 cm.
Weight: 7.7 kg
Power supply:
240 V
Total power: 1500 W.

Maximum length of the power cable: 1 m
To make your recipes the TM6 also offers you:
High temperature: a mode available only in guided cooking that will allow you to make caramel or brown onions.

Sous-vide: for a tender and juicy result, sous-vide cook * of meat, ryba, fruits and vegetables for 0-12 hours at a temperature between 40 i 85 ° C

Fermentation: For fermentation, at constant temperature, yoghurts or the growth of a fermented dough. Put the water in the container and ferment for 12 hours at a temperature between 37 i 85 ° C.

Slow cooking: to cook up to 800 g of meat for 1-8 hours at 37-98 ° C. Ideal for stews and casseroles

Thermomix TM6 price
Price? At 1359 euros. To have from March 15

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