Sobaos pasiegos i ciasto ananasowe z thermomixem

Sobaos pasiegos i ciasto ananasowe z thermomixem

Today we bring you a cake that is very easy to make and that is very good.

The sobaos pasiegos, although they are already known worldwide, is a dessert from Cantabria, ideal for breakfast Wet in the morning coffee.

Ingredients for making Sobaos pasiegos and pineapple pie with the Thermomix

Sobaos pasiegos i ciasto ananasowe z thermomixem

Sobaos pasiegos i ciasto ananasowe z thermomixem

For the pineapple cream
A large can of pineapple sliced ​​in its juice (reserving for later its juice) For the pastry cream
500 grams Whole milk
100 gramy cukru
3 duże jajka
40 grams Maizena
1 liquid Vanilla squirt

For the base and assembly
12 small sobaos pasiegos or 6 large sobaos
500 g cream to mount with 35% M.G. (important: it is very cold)
60 g Sugar glas

Do dekoracji
Chopped almonds

Preparation of Sobaos pasiegos and pineapple cake with the Thermomix

Preparation of pineapple cream
We reserve the juice of the pineapple from the can. We put the basket in our Thermomix and place in the slices of pineapple to drip all the juice, o 15 minuty. Następnie, we put the juice with the rest of reserved juice.

Once drained, we put them in the Thermomix glass and crush them
40 sekundy / progresywna prędkość 6-8-10.

We remove and reserve the pineapple preparation of the pastry cream. We put all the ingredients of the cream, without wash the glass and program
8 minuty / 100ºC / prędkość 3.

We remove and reserve the cream by covering it with plastic film glued to the cream, since we do not want it to form that light weight Cortex.

Preparation of the whipped cream
We put the sugar in our thermomix glass completely dry and pulverize them
10 sekundy / progresywna prędkość 8-10

We put the butterflies to the blades and put the cream (very cold) i program
prędkość 3 / without time

We look for the mouth of our Thermomix until the cream is mounted.

We set up our Sobaos pasiegos and pineapple tart with the Thermomix.
We put a tray and we put 4 small sobaos or 2 sobaos if they are big matches in half transversally and we dip them earlier in the pineapple juice, then cover them with a layer of cream and another of cream.

We put another layer of sobaos equally soaked in pineapple juice and we return to the rest of the cream top and cover the whole cake with cream on top, we can put the chopped almonds chopped Oak, we reserve a couple of hours in the fridge and our cake will be ready to eat.

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