Przepis na papilot roślinny w Thermomixie

Przepis na papilot roślinny w Thermomixie

If you have decided to carry out a healthier diet or if you have set yourself the goal of losing a few extra kilos, you will be interested in knowing the recipe that we are now going to present to you.

It is a healthy dish with an exquisite flavor. We are referring to the vegetable papillote in the Thermomix.

Czy odważysz się nauczyć, jak to zrobić? Czytaj dalej, a dowiesz się, jak to zrobić.

The ingredients papillote of vegetables in the Thermomix

In order to prepare this recipe that will almost certainly become one of your favorites, you should have the following products in the kitchen to make two servings:
1 marchewka
5 lub 6 grzyby.
Half an onion.
100 grams of pepper, green or red and even half and half, depending on taste.
1 czosnek.
1 cukinia
2 pomidory
15 gramy oliwy z oliwek.
Pieprz i sól do smaku.

Papillote of vegetables in the Thermomix step by step

Once all the ingredients have been purchased, it is time to start preparing the recipe.

For this you have to follow these steps:

Cebulę obrać, czosnek, marchewka, zucchini and tomatoes and cut them into canes. You also have to clean and chop the pepper.

Potem, the mushrooms should be cleaned thoroughly and cut into pieces, also in the form of a cane.

You have to place aluminum foil in the Varoma and, with the help of a brush, a little oil is given to its base. Następnie, in layers, place zucchini, pomidory, marchew, cebule, czosnek, mushrooms and peppers. Each of these layers is properly salted.

Once all the ingredients are placed, the albal paper is closed, the lid is put on, and the food processor is programmed at speed 2 and Varoma temperature for approximately 20 minuty.

Po tym czasie, the mentioned albal paper will be opened but with care, because the steam can burn. I to wszystko, you’ll have an exquisite vegetable papillote ready.


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