Przepis na Torrijasa w Thermomixie

Przepis na Torrijasa w Thermomixie

Are you looking for a dessert that enchant your guests and that is traditional and tasty?

W takim razie, Czytaj, dlatego, następnie,we will give you the recipe for torrijas in the Thermomix.

The torrijas are a typically Spanish sweet that began to be associated with parties and dates marked as Easter but that, little by little, have become an ideal product to taste at any time of the year.

Ingredients to make Torrijas in the Thermomix

Przepis na Torrijasa w Thermomixie

Przepis na Torrijasa w Thermomixie

To prepare torrijas for four people, musisz mieć następujące produkty:

150 gramy cukru
1 loaf of bread
2 jajka
1 litr mleka
750 mililitry wody.
1 laska cynamonu
The grated skin of a lemon.

Torrijas in the Thermomix step by step

Now that you have all those products in the kitchen, put on your apron and follow these instructions step by step:

Cut the loaf of bread into intermediate slices 2 centimeters thick.

Kolejny, in the glass of the Thermomix pour the lemon zest, cukier, milk and cinnamon stick. Zaplanuj to.
12 minuty / Spoke speed / Turn to the left / Temperature 100º

The next step will be to strain the result in a bowl and reserve it.

Z drugiej strony, beat the eggs in another bowl.

Kolejny, take the slices of bread and proceed to submerge them in the first bowl and then do the same for the egg. Następnie, wrap them in plastic wrap and insert them into the Thermomix varoma.

Następnie, you add the water to the glass and program the robot
25 minuty / Prędkość 1 / Temperature varoma.

Oczywiście, when they have spent about 5 minuty, w przybliżeniu, you must remove what is the beaker and proceed to put the container Varoma on what is the lid.

The next step will be to remove the film from the torrijas, add a little more sugar and cinnamon and bake them, if desired, for about three minutes in the oven.

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