Babeczki malinowe z Thermomixem

Babeczki malinowe z Thermomixem

Numerous are the recipes that can be prepared with the Thermomix to get your mouth open the guests that are invited to home.

In previous articles we have been revealing several that can serve as starters or first courses. Nie rób tego jednak, now we are going to help you prepare an exquisite dessert:

Ingredients to make raspberry muffins with Thermomix

Babeczki malinowe z Thermomixem

Babeczki malinowe z Thermomixem

Czy odważysz się to rozwinąć? What you need is, first of all, to acquire the following ingredients:

125 gramy brązowego cukru.
1 jajko.
150 gramy malin
250 gramy mleka
290 gramy mąki.
135 gramy masła.

Preparation of raspberry muffins with Thermomix

Once you have all these foods in your kitchen, it’s time for you to put on your apron and prepare to be able to elaborate this exquisite recipe. Aby to zrobić, follow these simple steps:

Pierwszy, start by melting the butter in the Thermomix. Program
2 minuty / Prędkość 2.

Kolejny, dodaj jajko, cukier, flour and milk. Mix everything very well, program the thermomix.
15 sekundy / Prędkość 3.

Then with a spatula, proceed to check that the dough is perfect. W takim razie, do not hesitate to add the raspberries and mix it.
5 sekundy / Prędkość 3.

Then proceed to turn on the oven to preheat it to about 180 º.

After the mixture that you have been able to prepare, pour it into paper cups, muffiny, and place them on a tray.

You must put it in the oven so that the raspberry muffins are golden adequately. W szczególności, they should remain between 20 i 30 minutes at the same temperature that we have already indicated.

Then what will be left will be to remove them from the oven and place them for your diners to enjoy them.

For decorate, then sprinkle the muffins with a little bit of icing sugar or place them around raspberry that has left you.

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