Pepitos kremu z thermomixem (Susos- Xuxos)

Pepitos kremu z thermomixem (Susos- Xuxos)

As a child I used to stop in the afternoon at the bakery next to my house and I bought a cake when I arrived from school, sometimes it was a donut and sometimes a pepito de leche, also called susos or xuxos in some places.

Today we bring you how to make them at home just as rich and much healthier.

Ingredients to make cream Pepitos with thermomix (Susos- Xuxos)

Pepitos kremu z thermomixem (Susos- Xuxos)

Pepitos kremu z thermomixem (Susos- Xuxos)

The pastry cream

500 gr. mleko
50 gr. maizena
3 jajka
100 gr. cukier
25 gr. Butter
1 teaspoon vanilla

The buns:

220 gr. mleko
75 gr. Butter
75 gr. cukier
40 gr. fresh yeast baker
500 gr. strength flour
1 szczypta soli
1 teaspoon liquid vanilla or vanilla sugar
Szkło cukrowe

How to prepare Pepitos of cream with thermomix (Susos- Xuxos)

We start with the pastry cream:

We put all the ingredients in our glass of thermomix and program
9 minuty / 90º / prędkość 5

We put it in our pastry bag and put it to cool reserving it.

How to make buns

Without washing the glass of the cream we put the milk, Cukier, the butter and the yeast and we program
3 minuty / 40º / prędkość 2.

Na końcu 10 sekundy prędkości 4 We add flour, salt and liquid vanilla and program
4 minuty / speed Spike.

Once we have arrived here, we will let the dough rest with the covered glass for an hour and a half, until double volume. Then we will divide the dough into pieces of about 60-70 gr., And make buns in the shape of pepito and place it on our baking tray with baking paper and well separated between them, separated from each other. We cover
and leave again until they fold volume.

Preheat oven to 180º and put our tray about 15 minuty. We let them cool and when they are warm, we water them with sugar.

Raz zimno, cut them in half and fill generously with cream.

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