Sorbet cytrynowy z szampanem

Sorbet cytrynowy z szampanem

Ingredients Lemon sorbet with champagne

300 g of ice (if you do not have it, do it as it is rich)
500 g of lemon ice cream
500 g of champagne

Steps to follow : Sorbet cytrynowy z szampanem

Put all the ingredients in the glass in the following order: the ice cubes, the cava, the lemon ice cream. Program
30 seconds in progressive speed 5-8.

If there is any piece of ice left, it will be a few seconds longer.
Decorate the glasses and serve. You can moisten the edge of the cups in water and pass them through sugar. Put a slice of lemon and serve with a straw.


You can add a splash of vodka to your sorbet to enhance flavors.
If you do not have ice you can do the samemake it at the moment because the minutes without the ice will separate into phases in less time.

With these amounts you will have 6 okulary.

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