Horchata Custard z Thermomixem

Horchata Custard z Thermomixem

Today we bring some Horchata flavor custard, I adore horchata and these custard, I had made them from egg, wanilia, czekolada, even coconut, but when I got this recipe from me, I knew I would love itAnd after doing it I can confirm it, you have to try it if you like horchata.

Ingredients to make Horchata Custard with Thermomix: (dla 6 porcje)

Horchata Custard z Thermomixem

Horchata Custard z Thermomixem

1 liter of horchata (we can buy it made or make the horchata us)
4 jajka
40 gramy cukru
40 grams of Cornflower
the skin of ½ lemon (without any white part)
1 stick of cinnamon
1 łyżeczka mielonego cynamonu
6 Mary-type cookies

Preparation of Horchata Custard with Thermomix:

We will start by putting the horchata in the glass of our thermomix, along with the sugar, the cornstarch and the eggs and we mix everything:
20 sekundy / prędkość 5

We put the butterfly on the blades of our thermomix and add the cinnamon stick and the skin of the lemon, it is very important that it does not have any white skin, because it would give bitterness to the custard and we program
15 minuty / 90ºC / turn to the left and speed 2

After a while, we remove the butterfly and remove the cinnamon stick and lemon peel and re-program
20 sekundy / prędkość 8

Place the content in 6 bowls and let it temper and then put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours before consuming. We can put a cookie on top to decorate and / or cinnamon powder on top

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