Przepis na domowy smażony pomidor z Thermomixem

Przepis na domowy smażony pomidor z Thermomixem

There are many recipes that we like to let you know on our website and today we are going to show you one that is really useful and effective. tak, because it will allow you to obtain a product that you will be able to use in a wide variety of dishes. W szczególności, we are going to give you the recipe to prepare homemade fried tomato with the Thermomix.

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The ingredients for making homemade fried tomato with the Thermomix

konkretnie, in order to obtain approximately half a liter of that tomato, you will need to gather the following products:

1 czosnek.
Half a kilo of crushed natural tomato.
25 gramy oliwy z oliwek.
50 gramy cebuli
8 gramy cukru.
Sól i pieprz do smaku.

Homemade fried tomato with the Thermomix step by step

Gdy zbierzesz wszystkie te składniki w kuchni, it is time to put on your apron and start following these instructions:

The first thing is to peel the garlic and onion and cut them into pieces.

You have to pour the olive oil into the robot’s glass and program it at speed 1 i Varoma przez około 3 minuty.

Then add the onion and garlic. The Thermomix will be programmed at speed 5 na około 10 sekundy.
Then it will be reprogrammed, in this case at speed 3 and a half, Varoma temperature for 7 minuty.

The next step will be to proceed to add the rest of the ingredients and program the robot at speed 1 i Varoma temperatura dla 30 minuty.

In this simple way you will have an exquisite homemade fried tomato ready.

This should be stored in conveniently closed and sterilized containers.

This can be used to shape sauces, as an accompaniment, as an essential ingredient for pizzas

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