Smażone mleko z Thermomixem

Smażone mleko z Thermomixem

One of the most traditional desserts of our country is, bez wątpienia, known as fried milk. It seems that it has its origin in Palencia, although now it can be found in any corner of Spain thanks to its love with its flavor and texture in the mouth.

If you want to try to do it, Czytaj.

Kolejny, you will have the recipe for fried milk with Thermomix. You should know that in some places it is a dessert especially typical of Easter.

Ingredients to make fried milk with Thermomix

Smażone mleko z Thermomixem

Smażone mleko z Thermomixem

To be able to carry out this recipe that we propose, it is important that you agree to buy the following products:

100 gramy cukru.
Skórka cytryny.
500 mililitry mleka.
2 jajka
50 gramy mąki.
A branch of cinnamon.
30 gramy skrobi kukurydzianej

Następnie, to rebozar, you will need to have flour, cukier, olej słonecznikowy, an egg and cinnamon powder.

Fried milk with the Thermomix step by step

Once all these products have been acquired, it is time to start the elaboration:

Add the cornstarch, mąka, eggs and sugar to the robot’s glass. Zaplanuj to
15 sekundy / Speed ​​3 ½.

Następnie, place the butterfly in what are the blades and add what is the lemon rind and cinnamon stick. Więc, you will re-program the Thermomix
8-9 minuty / Prędkość 2 / Temperatura 90º

Once you have ready the dough, you should proceed to pour it into a previously greased mold so that it can rest for about four hours. Do not forget to cover the mold with cling film to avoid the hardening of the dough in what is its top layer.

After the aforementioned hours, the moment will come when you cut the dough into square pieces and then these the reboces, passing them through flour and beaten egg.

The next step will be to fry them in sunflower oil.

Wreszcie, when you have them all fried, sprinkle the pieces with sugar and cinnamon powder.

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