Tarta jajeczna z Thermomixem

Tarta jajeczna z Thermomixem

When it comes to achieving success organizing a lunch or dinner at home with friends or family, you have toput the icing on the cakewith an exquisite dessert. W związku z tym, a good alternative is to prepare the egg custard recipe with the Thermomix that we are going to present to you now.

It is a simple alternative to elaborate and that everyone likes. Ośmielisz się?

Ingredients to make Egg flan with the Thermomix

Tarta jajeczna z Thermomixem

Tarta jajeczna z Thermomixem

To be able to make 3 lub 4 servings of this homemade dessert, one of the most traditional, you should choose to have the following products:

3 lub 4 jajka.
350 gramy wody.
375 – 400 gramy mleka.
60 gramy cukru
Płynny karmel.

Egg flan with the Thermomix step by step

Once you have bought all these ingredients, it is time for you to put on your apron and start making custard. Za to, wykonaj następujące kroki:

Pour milk, sugar and eggs into the robot’s glass. Zaplanuj to
10 sekundy / Prędkość 4.

Kolejny, pour the mixture you have prepared into the containers, the flan. Oczywiście, it is important that previously you have thrown in each a bit of liquid caramel.

Then cover the molds with aluminum foil and then, on top of that, place also kitchen paper.

The next step will be to steam them in the Thermomix varoma. For that you must pour the water in it, place the molds in this one and put it in the known cover position. Kolejny, program
40 minuty / Prędkość 1 / Waroma temperaturowa.

I to wszystko. You have already managed to prepare your three or four portions of exquisite homemade egg custard. A homemade dessert that will delight all the guests you have invited. That’s for sure.

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