Ciasto śmietanowo-cynamonowe z Thermomixem

Ciasto śmietanowo-cynamonowe z Thermomixem
If you have guests at home or you are going to have a party and want to prepare a dessert rich, there are many alternatives that you have. And among those is the one we now want to show you: cream cake and cinnamon with Thermomix.

It is a simple proposal with which, however, you will get to dazzle your guests because its taste is exquisite.
Cream and cinnamon cake with Thermomix Cream and cinnamon cake with Thermomix

Cream and cinnamon cake with Thermomix

Ciasto śmietanowo-cynamonowe z Thermomixem

Ingredients to make cream and cinnamon cake with Thermomix


Creation of cream and cinnamon cake with Thermomix

Once with these products in your kitchen, wykonaj następujące kroki:
Add the cookies to the glass. Program do
prędkość 10/10 sekundy.

get 25% more or less and reserve
for the rest Add the margarine and program to
prędkość 6/10 sekundy.

remove and reserve put in our mold a layer of cookies with the base margarine tightening well so that it is a compact mass and put it in the fridge reserve some crushed cookies to put over
Then pour the curd, krem, milk and sugar into the glass. Put it to work
prędkość 4 / 90º / 7 minuty.

Pour the contents of the glass into the mold, which you have previously lined and cooled in the refrigerator.

Keep it in the refrigerator for about 3 godziny.

Proceed to unmold the cake and, at the time of presentation, put reserved crushed cookies and sprinkle with cinnamon powder all the way up

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