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Churros z Thermomixem

Churros z Thermomixem

Both children and adults love churros and more with a good hot cup of chocolate.

W związku z tym, so that at home you can enjoy this product we will give you the ideal recipe. W szczególności, we are going to teach you how to make churros dough with the Thermomix.

You will see how it is really easy and fast to be able to prepare this product that will be ideal both for breakfast and for a snack.

Ingredients for making churros dough with the Thermomix

Churros z Thermomixem

Churros z Thermomixem

W tym przypadku, we are going to help you make churros for 4 ludzie. W związku z tym, the ingredients you need to buy are the following:

15 grams of baking powder.
Half a liter of water.
500 gramy mąki.

Churros z Thermomixem. Krok po kroku

Once you have the necessary food to prepare this recipe, it is time to get down to the dough, never better said:

You have to start by putting what are the kneading blades to the kitchen robot.
Kolejny, you should pour the water into the Thermomix and program
4 minuty / Prędkość 4 / Temperatura 100 °

Następnie, add the yeast as well as the flour and a pinch of salt. Then the aforementioned appliance must be reprogrammed.
4 minuty / Prędkość 4.

It is interesting that in the last 15 lub 20 seconds the speed is increased to 8 so that the mixture is even more perfect.

W ten sposób, the dough will be ready and what will be left now will be to introduce it in the churrera or pastry bag and proceed to fry it in soft olive oil. Oczywiście, it is recommended that for the result to be spectacular, let it rest for at least a quarter of an hour.

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