Sernik z Thermomixem

Sernik z Thermomixem

This cake is known asthe vineyardcheesecake by the restaurant the vineyard of San Sebastian, so if you go by donosti do not stop going to try the original. while we can make it with our thermomix, it is a really easy cake and very good it is done in a very short time

Ingredients Cheesecake with Thermomix

for a mold of 24-26 cm średnicy
1 kilo of Philadelphia cheese
500 ml of cream with 35% gruby
5 jajka
350 g of white sugar
30 g of wheat flour

Preparation Cheese cake with Thermomix

Let’s take a mold and cover it with baking paper (if we do not have it, we will butter it and then we can dismantle it well)

We preheat the oven to 200ºC

We put all the ingredients in the glass of the Thermomix and mix
30 seconds in speed 5-6.

We put the mixture in our mold and put it in the oven for 50 minuty w 180º (heat both up and down), as each oven has its time the last minutes we will monitor it if it needs a little more or a little less.

We let temper before unmolding and ready. We can garnish with some jam

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