Placek Ser Burgo z Thermomixem

Placek Ser Burgo z Thermomixem

I always say that I adore the dishes that have cheese, and the desserts more, I adore the cheese cakes, it does not matter what it is. Today is not a cake, today we bring cheese flan, and as always a very different flan, which will give you a touch of freshness with the sweet that will give the condensed milk.

Ingredients to make Burgo´s Cheese flan with thermomix

Placek Ser Burgo z Thermomixem

Placek Ser Burgo z Thermomixem

300 grams of Burgos cheese (if it’s angle, better)
500 gramy śmietany.
5 large gelatin sheets
100 gramy skondensowanego mleka

Prepare Burgo´s Cheese flan with thermomix, Krok po kroku:

Before we start let’s prepare by putting the gelatine leaves in cold water and reserve it. We put the condensed milk in our glass of thermomix together with the cream and program
5 minuty / 90 ° / prędkość 1.

We now include the well-drained reserved gelatine and program
20 sekundy / prędkość 8

We incorporate the burgos cheese and we reprogram
1 minuta / prędkość 7

We remove the mixture and put them in the glasses where we will serve them and cover them with plastic wrap, we put them in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 godziny.

At the time of eating we can put a jet of liquid candy or jam on top.

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